Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dead Light District

In the 2nd installment of Jill Edmondson's Sasha Jackson mystery series, Dead Light District, Sasha took on a most difficult case. It all started out as a missing persons case, when Sasha searched for Mary Carmen, who worked at Candace Curtis's bordello. From there, it took a nasty turn there, when Mary wanted to leave Canada and head back home to Mexico. She left a bloody path in her wake. Besides almost being hit by a car and two people attacked on the case, it might be connected. That's when Sasha went undercover as a hooker to look for leads to get caught up with her. And when she died, she ended up fighting for her life to solve the case. Plus Sasha also scored a date with her new boyfriend Derek. 

This was a charming new mystery series for me to read. I cared about Sasha and her friends. I also felt the same way for Candace. I pitied Mary Carmen who killed two people who got her in her way. I didn't like her too much. I loved the Canadian locations in this series from one town to another. This had bits of humor like a chick lit novel and plenty of charm like a cozy mystery combined. This would make you take a deep breath and let it go in the end.

Will you go undercover in the dead light district? Give it a try today!

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