Monday, January 5, 2015

A Stolen Season from November 1998

In the 7th installment of Steve Hamilton's Alex McKnight Mystery/Thriller series, A Stolen Season, Alex returned in another gripping mystery. During a cold night during the 4th of July celebration in Paradise, Michigan, an antique wooden boat ran full speed into the old railroad pilings of the shallow waters of Waishkey Bay. While he was on rescue mission, he discovered the story was far from over, when he saved three men, they were connected to his girlfriend Natalie's undercover mission in Canada for a drug-smuggling operation. Now he would have to do some damage control for both sides of the border and protect Natalie from danger.

This was another terrific storyline in the series. I loved how it connected back to Natalie, when there was an interconnecting subplot to it. I loved how he cared about Natalie and Vince and saved people, when they weren't so innocent after all. Looks could be deceiving for sure. I loved the dual locations of Canada and Paradise, Michigan, during the summer season. This would make you hold your breath and release it after a while. Great drama, terrific storyline plot, fantastic action and mystery and suspense to tie up loose ends and link both stories into one.

Come on and check out a Stolen Season this week!

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