Friday, January 2, 2015

Special review: Deadly Errors from March 2009

In Allen Wyler's Deadly Errors, one of his finest medical thrillers, he would enthrall and thrill you for sure. For Dr. Tyler Matthews, a brain surgeon, who worked at Seattle's Maynard Medical Hospital, he discovered a computerized glitch in the electronic medical records system. With his own investigation into a couple of patients death, he would risk his life to follow the trail on who was behind it. While the doctors and the nurses started to correct the drug and treatment errors, he believed that something was wrong behind it. And as he started to ask questions and voice his concerns about it to the hospital's management, he was stonewalled, developed skepticism, and received threats about  going forward about it.

This was an intense and insane gripping medical thriller. I did care about Tyler and the hospital's patients. I believed it was a little too late for the cover-up. I did love how he took charge of the situation and faced it dead on, too. I loved the central Seattle location and the main focus on the hospital, too. I didn't like it, when the patients had to die, due to a computer glitch. Great drama, excellent medical suspense and plenty of non-stop action, that would take you to the edge of your seat to the climax.

Ready to stop deadly errors? Give this medical thriller a try, today!

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