Saturday, January 17, 2015

Killing Floor

In the first installment of Lee Child's Jack Reacher thriller series, Killing Floor, it made a stellar thriller debut. This was the book that started it all and made it a real huge success. We were introduced to Jack Reacher, who had caught up into a helluva mess, when he was first arrested in small town Margrave, Georgia, while searching for a musician named Blind Blake. He was just the wrong man at the wrong time at the wrong place, when he came across a line of dead men. From there, he learned about his brother's Joe's death, and the big line of police and governmental corruption. In order to save his life and others, he would do anything to put an end to the killing madness, whatever it takes. There's an explosive ending you don't want to miss.

This was a great thriller introduction to Jack Reacher.  Throughout this debut, I did get to know more about Jack and his life and cared for him big time. He ended up in a helluva hot mess for sure, when one thing lead to another. I loved the concept of using a small town for Margrave, Georgia for the location setting. Though some of the scenes were a bit graphic in nature and violent for the killing scenes, even right up to the ending, too. When you read this, this would take you an adrenalin rush. Great action, plenty of non-stop drama on every page, and plenty of suspense and intrigue to keep you guessing, right of the end.

Watch out for the killing floor! Pick up a copy tonight!

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