Saturday, January 24, 2015

Special review: Cutline from January 2009

In the 2nd installment of the Geri LaRue thriller series by Bonnie Hearn Hill, Cutline, Geri La Rue returned in this thriller to solve another thrilling crime. When her fellow colleague and friend, Leta Blackburn, was missing, it was up to Geri to look for clues to find her. She would've been covering this sensational story about a priest and his sexual activities at the time of his murder. But a ruthless colleague tells Geri she knows more than she does admit. That's when she goes to see Malcolm Piercy, a psychologist, to help her get into the mind of a female serial killer who leads her victims on and believes her victims are in love with her. While he kept his theory a secret, he agreed to help Geri out, while a killer was watching for them.  She wanted to write one more cutline, before she became the next victim of the Razor Killer.

Although I didn't read the first installment, If it Bleeds, and skipped it, I hope to read the beginning of Geri's story someday. This was another gripping storyline dealing in the journalistic world. I did care about Geri, since she was someone different, someone we can look up and admire, since she was hearing impaired. I did become circumspect on Malcolm and his true intentions with her, though it lead to a blooming relationship. I did like the San Francisco setting for the location of this thriller. This one left me with chills and shivers up and down my spine. Great drama, excellent intense suspense and non-stop action, and a gripping thrilling mystery to the end.

Will you finish the cutline? If so, grab a copy today!

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