Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As the Crow Flies

In the first installment of the DI Nick Dixon series by Damien Boyd, As the Crow Flies, you'll be taken into an excellent thriller series debut. When DI Nick Dixon learned about his former climbing partner's death in Somerset England, he decided to investigate it firsthand, if it was an accident, murder or suicide, while he also worked on an empty home robbery case, too. As a former rock climber, he looked into Jake Fayter's life and interviewed people that were close to him. The closer he'd gotten closer to the truth of his former friend's life, the more shocked he learned whodunit in the end and what really happened behind it. Rock climbing could be a dangerous blood sport.

This was a real excellent thriller debut by English author Damien Boyd. I loved the cover, the rock-climbing theme to match the title as well. I did loved Nick's determination and climb up the law enforcement lawyer. I did feel bad for the Fayters, the Williams and for Sarah. I didn't like Gorman, too much. But I liked Jane with Nick a tiny bit. I loved learning about the rock climbing information and all about the sport. I loved the English locations all over the storyline. This would suck you in and take you for a wild ride. Excellent drama, terrific suspense, and fantastic action with a great mystery built in, too.

Are you ready to climb that wall? If so, get ready to enjoy this novel real soon!

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