Thursday, January 1, 2015


 In Jane Austen's classic tale of historical romance, Emma, this became a classic household favorite for many years. We were introduced to Emma Woodhouse, a rich and perhaps spoiled young woman, when she interfered in people's lives by playing matchmaker, including to her close friend, Harriet Smith. No matter how it worked with her comedic attempts, she'd gotten closer to her own personal match, Mr. John Knightley, and married him in the end.

Whether you've read (or reread it, since I originally read this in March 2000), this classic historical romance is a favorite amongst others. And many film versions of this classic novel had did it justice. I did care about Emma and Harriet, when all of Emma's matchmaking attempts. But I did become happy, when everyone found their own soul mate, including Emma with Mr. Knightley, who made a lovely couple too. I loved the historical Regency period for the storyline. This made me want to sigh and fall in love with my own Mr. Knightley, too. Great drama, awesome romance, and plenty of suspense from start to end.

If you haven't read Emma lately, I suggest you should start today!

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