Sunday, January 25, 2015

Special review: Intern from August 2008

In this stellar stand-alone thriller novel from Bonnie Hearn Hill, Intern, this story was similar in nature and ripped from the news headlines. April Wayne was a 23-year old young woman who interned for the senator and had it all, when she had a promise of love from a married man and threw it all away. Later when she disappeared, the senator became the main suspect. This story was two from two POVs, April's mother Gloria, and the senator's wife Suzanne. Gloria would do anything to find and save her daughter, while Suzanne would learn the shocking truth of her husband and might not stand by her man.

This was a gripping stand-alone thriller, when it dealt with the deadly gamble of love, murder and politics. I did care about April and Gloria, not so much the senator and his wife Suzanne. I prayed for her safe return and unharmed. I loved the political theme to match wits with the California location.  This would make you cringe and cry a couple of times. Great drama, good action and suspense with plenty of thrilling intrigue and mystery along the way.

Will you be the next to intern? If so, pick up a copy today!

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