Monday, January 26, 2015

Criminal Confections

In the first installment of Colette London's Chocolate Whisperer Mystery cozy series, Criminal Confections, we were introduced to Hayden Mundy Moore, a chocolate whisperer in the world of chocolate-making. When she was a consultant for the Le Maitre Chocolate retreat convention in San Francisco. But not everything's so sweet for Hayden's experience. First her first close friend, Adrienne, was poisoned by something in her drink. Then one of the chocolate company's rivals was accidentally killed and fell off the cliff. Now it was up to Hayden to find out what was going on in the company, when she learned secrets and lies and vicious rumors. She needed her friend Danny as her bodyguard and advice from her boss Travis on the phone. The closer to the truth she had gotten on who was the killer, the more attempts were made on her life. This was a new delicious new culinary cozy that featured chocolate recipes, a real delectable treat.

This was a fun new culinary cozy series to enjoy. I cared about Hayden and her chocolate whisperer title. I love that title for this series as well. We learned a whole lot about the chocolate-making world for candy and for desserts in general. I loved the chocolate retreat in San Francisco for the location of this scenery. I also cared about the Le Maitres and loved her sexy talk with her boss, Travis, on the phone. Great drama, excellent suspense and action with plenty of chocolate-loving mystery to keep you hooked right up to the end.

Do you have a criminal confection? If so, dig in with a copy real soon!

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