Saturday, January 24, 2015

Special review: To Die For from October 2008

In the first installment of Linda Howard's Blair Mallory series, To Die For, we were introduced to Blair Mallory in this two-part romantic suspense series.  Blair Mallory was pretty, confident, and a successful owner of a fitness center. But a troubled club member had a strange fixation on Blair and imitated her style, until Blair witnessed the horror of her being shot. When the media speculated about the homicide, that's when she locked horns with Police Lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth. He wanted to lead the investigation without interference, but Blair wanted to search for clues on her own. But when Blair received menacing threats, Wyatt took notice and did anything to protect Blair from the killer.

This was a gripping romantic suspense. I did care about Blair and became worried, when someone imitated her and then later threatened her. I did suspect that the sparks would fly between Blair and Wyatt at some point.  I did like the fitness center theme and the small town location for this series as well. This would leave you speechless and shake your head in maddening disbelief, too. Great drama, good suspense, and plenty of non-stop action with hints of romance through and through.

Check this out today!

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