Friday, January 23, 2015

I Can See You

In the 10th installment of Karen Rose's romantic suspense series, I Can See You, she turned up the heat in this fantastic romantic suspense. For Eve Wilson, she had been scarred for life from what Rob Winters did to her, six years ago. She was still afraid from him. But while she worked on her psychology study into Shadowland, a virtual reality role playing game online, things become complicated, when a couple of her test subjects ended up killed by a mad man known as the Red Dress Killer. For Noah Webster, a member of the Minnesota Police Department's Hat Squad, someone was after him with cold-blooded revenge. But when he required Eve's help as a CI into the murders, the feelings towards each other were mutual, while he was still haunted by the deaths of his wife and unborn son.  For both of them, they both had to dodge their stalkers and fight to survive and be together.

This was another fantastic romantic suspense from Karen Rose.  I really cared for both Eve and Noah, who both were haunted from the ghosts of their past. But I really was glad for them to get together, when the sparks were flying between them. Carleton Pierce was a real sicko. But I'm glad she had her friends with her and her own little "family". I loved the St. Paul, Minnesota location for the entire series.  This would leave you numb and shocked speechless from start to finish. Great drama, excellent non-stop action with sparking romance, and great tons of intrigue to keep you in suspense.

Will you check this out today?

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