Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rescuing Olivia

In Julie Compton's Rescuing Olivia, she told us a harrowing tale about love between two people. When Olivia and Anders had a mysterious bike accident, it sent both of them to the ER. Olivia ended up in a coma and strangely disappeared and later didn't remember him. It was now up to Anders to find her, before it was too late. People acted strange to him and lied to him, while he flash backed to when he met her and the events that led to the crash. From Florida, it sent him to Connecticut and down to Africa, when he caught up to her in a life-and-death battle. Anders would do anything to rescue her and bring her home. In the end, he went to be with her at her new home.

This was a beautiful romantic suspense about two people who were destined to be each other. I did care for Anders, Lenny and Olivia. I loved how the story was set up with the flashbacks. I loved how it took him around the world to find her. I loved the scenery in the Africa scenes. I didn't like Brent or her father or Crystal no less. This made me want to cry and sigh through and through. Great drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue, and lots of great non-stop action.

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