Sunday, June 26, 2011

Watch Me Die

The latest from Erica Spindler is a must read for any season! In Watch Me Die, Mira Gallier, a widow who restored colored glass windows, was living a hard life. During Hurricane Katrina, her husband Jeff was presumed dead from the hurricane, and her in-laws were out for blood. But someone else was after her, targeting people near her, leaving cryptic Biblical messages on the scene, and perhaps making her crazy. When NOPD Spencer Malone and his new partner, Karin Bayle was on the scene, they questioned everyone, including Mira, and her close friend, Connor Scott. One by one, someone was killing people who had a connection to her. And before she knew it, things unravel at the scene, as the deaths piled up. Malone was suspicious of his new partner's behavior, and Mira didn't know who to trust anymore. When it dawned to her, it was too late, before the killer was close to her, someone she knew after all this time.  What a rush!

This was a fantastic thriller that gripped me on the first page.  Very intriguing and suspenseful, I really did feel for Mira and her agony, while she still grieved the loss of her husband Jeff. I didn't like her former in-laws much. I liked how Spencer Malone returned in this novel as a secondary character, when we can feel his concerns on his new partner. I didn't like one of Mira's closest friends who used his vulnerability for his wicked gains. Overall, this is one of the best thrillers ever!

Want to get blown away by an awesome thriller to read! Check out this book today!

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