Monday, June 20, 2011


If you love great culinary cozies, you'll enjoy Steamed in the Gourmet Girl series by Jessica Conant-Park, daughter of Susan Conant of the Dog Lovers Mystery series.  Meet Chloe Carter. She was a graduate student for social work, just to make her uncle Alan happy, which details was written into his will. Not only that, she was depressed. Her boyfriend/neighbor had cheated on her. Her sister Heather suggested her to go to Back Bay Dates for online dating. When she did it in despair, it was too late. She went on the boring blind date ever with Eric Rafferty, when she witnessed hostility at the restaurant they went to. Later on, Eric winded up dead. Now, it was up to Chloe to figure out who killed him, while she feasted her eyes on Josh, a chef at a rival restaurant, going to school, and figured out massive confusion. When she got closer to the truth, she might end up as the next victim.  Great culinary recipes included!

This was a delightful introduction to the Gourmet Girl series. I found Chloe Carter delightful and inquisitive, while she worked on her social work degree. I liked the backdrop in California, with the bonus of the blind dates. She had been dealt with some tough breaks. I didn't like Eric and adored Josh. Those culinary recipes were a bonus, too.

Don't get steamed! Pick up a copy this weekend!

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