Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Touch the Dark

 If you love paranormal romances with a twist, you'll enjoy Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series. In Touch the Dark, Cassie's a clairvoyant who has a doomsday obit, a warning of sorts. As she tried to avoid the Senate, they want her for a task, due to her powers. As Cassie resists, she's swirled into a world of talking ghosts, fairies, and vampires and weres, when there's a hit on her. They want her to become the next Pythia. But there's a twist to it, that she won't like. Meanwhile, she couldn't resist Mircea, an ancient Romanian vampire, who owns her, protects her, and wants her for his own, one way or another, before she goes into hiding. If you love fantasy, you'll join this series. It has a hint of time travel and history too.

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