Monday, June 27, 2011

Grime and Punishment

In Jill Churchill's Grime and Punishment, the first installment in the Jane Jeffry cozy series, you would love this quick and easy light read to whip through in one setting. Jane Jeffry was a widow and a mother of three, who was a domestic engineer. When her neighbor Shelley Nowack arranged a neighborhood potluck meeting, the new maid was found dead. And now that had everyone running scared in the neighborhood, when Detective Mel Van Dyne arrived on the scene. Between Jane's meddling mother-in-law and loneliness,  it was now up to Jane and Mel to find out who killed the maid and why, when they dug deeper into her background, and asked their close neighbors on any secrets they were being blackmailed for. One of them startled Jane. But as they had gotten closer closer,  someone wanted them to be hushed, before they were next on their hit list.

This was a great introduction to the Jane Jeffry series. I immediately cared for Jane, while she mourned the loss of her husband, and dealt with handling single motherhood on her own. I liked Mel right from the start and sensed something between them... maybe compassion? I liked the Chicago setting for this series and the fine location in downtown Chicago. This would make you become intrigued and curious on your own by turning every page. Great drama, excellent non-stop action with intrigue, suspense, and lots of mystery.

Will you experience a hint of grime and punishment? If so, check it out this summer!

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