Friday, July 1, 2011

The Devil Who Tamed Her

In Johanna Lindsey's the Devil Who Tamed Her, the 2nd book in the Reid Family series, Ophelia Reid had been known as the "ice queen", who had no friends, and a bad relationship with her father. She didn't know why people pretended to be nice to her, even after she broke up her engagement with Duncan MacTavish. When she met Raphael Locke, he's the one who set her on her ways, tamed her wild side, and made a bet. Things gotten heated up between Ophelia and Rafe, even after they kiss, when they realized what went on between them. Even after she changed her ways, he bedded her, and slowly fell in love with her, defying the odds. He understood her better. When Ophelia found out about the bet, she was angry at him and put a gap between them, when she fell for him. When everyone realized the "new" Ophelia, they're shocked at her turnabout, even when she found out she's pregnant and gotten hit by a carriage. Things change, when they confessed from their heart, they were meant to be with each other.

This was a beautiful story. This was magical and majestic at the same time. The characters were real and genuine as you can feel it in your heart strings. For someone cold as Ophelia, only Rafe could melt her heart and defrost her icy personality. Talk about fire and ice! I witnessed the passionate love and  warm embraces between them. This book made me laugh and cry on each hooked page.

Ready to expire the firestorm on a cold day! Check out this book today!

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