Friday, July 22, 2011


If you love great paranormal romances, you'll love the Keeper series by Jessica Andersen. In the Night Keepers, the first book in the Final Prophecy series, Leah Daniels was a Miami cop, who was after a cult who've killed her brother. Striking-Jaguar (Strike) was one of the last of his kind, a Mayan god and Night Keeper, who had magical powers of his own to fight evil. Since the moment they met, there was tension between Strike and  Leah, when he saved her from Zipacna's clutches, when she did the job. Since that moment on, when the worlds of New Mexico and Florida collided, Leah was stuck in the middle of this war and joined forces with Strike's Night Keepers, if they liked it or not. Clearly, Leah and Strike were meant for each other, whether it was from dreams or from the gods themselves, since they had great sexual chemistry. In the end, they fought the odds to be together and to become as one. Lots of drama and adventure with hints of romance.

In this debut, I loved the scenic descriptions and the background descriptions of who they were and fighting for. Great details on how they shifted into animals and used their magical powers for good. In Leah's journey, we get to know them better and who their clashed forces with, right to the shocking end, when they  lose one of their own. I liked Leah and was glad she found closure on her brother's killer and how she became Strike's mate. Each Night Keeper was eclectic and special in his or her way. This would take you on an adventure like no other with each gripping page.

If you're all aboard to fight for the future, check out a copy right away!

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