Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final Approach

If you love good mysteries, you'll love the Emily Locke series by Rachel Brady. In the first installment of the Emily Locke series, Final Approach, Emily Locke was a widow who've lost her husband and her baby daughter, a few years ago, from a boating accident. When Richard Cole came to see her in Cleveland, he told her about a missing  child case and a skydiving ticket. Since Emily used to skydive, she took an unplanned leave from work and hit Houston to find Casey Lyons. This case was similar to another one, which had changed her life, and were parallel. As she investigated this, she met an eclectic array of characters, including Vince Townsend. As she got closer to the truth, she was in danger, when she realized the truth that her daughter was alive and possibly adopted by another family. On a plane, she risked life and limb, including helping the FBI in the process, when her life was on the life, and she was reunited with her daughter after all. A great mystery!

This was a great introduction to the series. I did feel sad about Emily losing her husband and daughter at the same time. I loved the intro of new characters to the series, when we've gotten to know Emily better. I loved the Cleveland and Houston dual locations to the series and the skydiving angle. That looked like fun to do, if you weren't afraid of heights. This made me hold my breath and cry a few times. Great drama, plenty of action in the sky and down on earth, lots of intriguing for this mystery. I wished there were more in the series though.

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