Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kill Zone

If you love great romantic suspense, you'll love Kill Zone by Vicki Hinze. Dr. Morgan Cabot is one of the members of the S.A.S.S. team, a trio of women with special abilities, when she's on a mission to take down Thomas Kunz and his G.R.I.D. team. When she tranquilized Captain Jackson Stern, things heat up between them, when he discovers that his brother's arrested for his sister-in-law's murder. it's up to Stern and Cabot to find out how and why, when there's a mutual attraction between them, that heats things up. When things get complicated, as Kunz's GRID are after them, as they discover the connection between Kunz and her murder, until it gets too close for comfort, as he got away. Lots of military drama in this one. You'll love it.

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