Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If you love great mysteries, you'll enjoy Justice, the 8th installment in the Lazarus/Decker series by Faye Kellerman. Peter Decker was worried about his eldest daughter Cindy, who was at college, when a rapist hit their campus. While he investigated the case, you'll hear the story between Terry, a nerdish tutor to Chris Whitman, the nephew of a mob boss, and their obsessive love affair, when a murder happened on Prom Night, and this couple was torn apart. It was up to Decker to nail the killer and put away the bad guy. But due to Whitman's good eye and story, he did get locked up for a crime he didn't commit, as he tried to tie up loose ends, which put a strain on his career. In the end, things took a wicked turn for Terry and for Decker. A great compelling read.

This was another great earlier classic mystery from Faye Kellerman. This told the story about how Terry and Chris met each other, who was also featured in Hangman and Gun Games in the series. You begin to feel the same concern for Peter and Rina, when he met Chris and Terry. I did feel bad for Terry and had bad vibes for Chris. It wasn't a night to remember for anyone. To tackle the hard subject matter of rape, she did it in clear and subtle context.  Great storyline, good action and drama, and a well-written mystery.

Want some Justice? Grab a copy today!

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