Sunday, July 17, 2011

Murder with Puffins

If you love great mysteries with a side of humor, you'll enjoy the Meg Langslow series. Last year I've read #1 and #3. Now I'm going to the second one of the series. When Meg and her boyfriend head to the Monhegan Island for a romantic getaway, it was anything but romantic. First, there's the hurricane, second her family showed up. Not only that, there's the birders who's scouting for puffins and an angry artist named Victor Resnick, who didn't like trespassers. When they've reported his shooting to Jeb Barnes, they have to report to the police. Later on, they witness an argument between Resnick and someone else. During the storm, Resnick ended up dead. It's up to find out who, when there's an island of people who hate his guts, including Rhapsody, a children's book writer on puffins, while they discover some family secrets in Meg's family closet. When they've got it all figured out, they're trapped by the murder, who tried to burn them in flames. What a great humorous mystery.

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