Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Animal Appetite

In Animal Appetite, the 11th installment in Susan Conant's Dog Lovers Mystery series, Holly researched Hannah Duston, a 40-year-woman who had been an Indian captive and scalped 10 Indian children. She learned about her family history and her captivity, while she was worked on a cold case on Jack Andrews, who had been murdered 18 years ago, and his dog, Chip. From there, she discovered about his family and the people who was associated with it, even with the murder of Shaun McGrath. Pretty soon, Holly uncovered a parallel between Hannah and Jack, when there was a connection between them, that someone wanted to kill them for it, and even for Holly herself.  But can Holly find out who have done it, when she was next in line? A great quick read.

This was another compelling Holly Winter mystery. I continued to care about Holly and her dogs. I also became intrigued with the link between Jack and Hannah. It was totally mind-boggling. I also love the Boston area location for the settings of this series, too.  This made me shudder and shiver and became worried about Holly.  Great drama, good intrigue, and plenty of suspense in this light read for this mystery.

Will you develop an animal appetite? Give this book a try today!

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