Saturday, June 11, 2011

Secrets to the Grave

In Tami Hoag's Secrets to the Grave, the second installment in the Oak Knolls trilogy series, it happened one-and-a-half years later after the See-No-Evil murder, when the police found a dead woman with her crying baby girl. Now it was up to the police and Vince Leone to protect the little girl, while they figured out more about Marissa Fordham's murder and her mysterious background. The deeper they dig, the most confusing they wind up solving this baffling mystery. Meanwhile, Anne Navarre Leone was the only person who visited Dennis Farman, who was a juvenile menace to society, and wanted a family of her own, when she became attached to the little girl. But for both Anne and Vince, danger loomed near them, when their lives were on the line, especially when Gina Kemmer wound up missing and almost dead. What a rush!

This was another enjoyable thriller in the Oak Knolls trilogy series. I did continue to love the timeline and the location of Oak Knolls, California. I did care about Marissa's baby and for Anne and Vince as well.  I loved the angle of the FBI and the 1980s, when forensics weren't too far advanced back then. I also cared a little bit about Dennis Farman as well, when he was still hurting from the deceit in his family. Great drama, tons of thrilling action and suspense, and an intricate intriguing mystery as well.

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  1. I have a Tami H on the shelf definitely need to try it. Enjoy


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