Friday, November 26, 2010


If you love a great mystery, you'll enjoy the 17th installment in Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series. In Burn, Anna Pigeon was on leave, and visited a friend in New Orleans, far away from her husband Paul, when someone tossed her dead pigeons. Claire Sullivan was on the run from the law in Seattle, when her house burned down, and accused for starting the fire and killing her husband and two kids. She believed, her kids were her life, and her husband had something to do with it, when his lies beneath the surface. When Anna met Claire, posing as Jordan, both women collided to work together  on a mystery of voodoo and human trafficking into a dark world of how people can be so vile to kids. This is a great read.

This was a startling and shocking read. I did feel bad for Anna, who was away from her new husband, Paul. I also felt a pang for Claire, when her husband sold her own kids and started the fire. How cruel can he be, when Claire took the rap for a weasel like him? I did like the central location of New Orleans for the storyline in this novel. This made me feel numb and cold all over. I was glad that Anna bonded with Claire to help her out and get her children back, though I was worried for both of them dealing with a monster. Great drama, good tense action and intrigue, with plenty of suspense for this mystery all the way.

Check out Burn right away!

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