Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful Lies

If you love a powerful read for a thriller, you'll love this debut novel from Lisa Unger. In Beautiful Lies,  Ridley Jones was a freelance author in New York City, when her life changed in an instant. When she saved a boy from being abducted, someone sent her cryptic notes and old newspaper clippings. She then met Jake, her boyfriend and lover, who had a dark past. She remembered past conversations with her parents and her brother Ace, who was a druggie. When she met Christian Luna, a man claiming to be her father, things changed again. She now became someone's target. It made her question her identity and those to trust, until she got down to the truth, for a journey of no other, when her life shifted once more. What a great start for a new thriller series.

This was a fantastic thriller debut. Non-stop action with a picturesque New York City location for the scenery. Ridley Jones was an interesting character as an author. For her father and Jake, they were both loose cannons.  As for Ace, I didn't like him as much. She dealt with some many things being thrown at her, I bet it was hard for her to keep it all in check. But I cared for her and liked her a lot.  With page-turning suspense, you'll want to read it more and literally couldn't put it down.

Ready to escape in a good thriller? Check this out today!

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  1. This was my 1st taste of LisaU and I really enjoyed it. i didn't realise it was a series at first so I look forward to reading Sliver...., don't remember full title.


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