Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Outlaw's Christmas

In An Outlaw's Christmas, the fifteenth book in the McKettrick series, Linda Lael Miller brought two people together during the holiday season in the early 1900s. Piper St. James was a schoolmarm in Blue River, Texas, when Marshal Sawyer McKettrick landed injured with a gunshot wound to his arm in her schoolhouse. During the winter, they've gotten together to know each other right before Christmas. There was a shooter after Sawyer, while Piper tried not to prevent scandal in the small town. To save her reputation, they marry and later discover they were meant for each other and fall in love. What a splendid little tale.

 For a quick read to get you real ready for the holiday spirit, this was a beautiful and charming Western/historical romance. And Blue River, Texas, had a fitting and perfect name for a small Texan town. I loved the pairing of Piper and Sawyer, while he was a bit rough around the edges. He could sure charm the pants of any female. He would make you swoon and sway and melt like butter.  I didn't like the shooter and the mayor's wife, who was a bit of a snob.

Ready for Christmas? Grab a copy today!


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