Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After I Do

In After I Do, Taylor Jenkins Reid tells us a story about two young people who fall in love and later fall out of love after marriage. In this beautifully written novel, she wrote a wonderful story about love, life and death in Lauren Cooper's life. Lauren Spencer met and fall in love with Ryan Cooper in college. Later on, they got married and enjoyed married life. After a couple of years later, they decided to take a break to rediscover themselves and to refocus on their lives. A lot have happened in Lauren's family, during that time span. This is a lovely story that teaches us a life lesson, when Lauren and Ryan come back together to pick up where they left off. Bring your hankies!

This story was told in a few parts by date on how Lauren met Ryan, when they married, and decided to go their separate ways. This was a beautiful woman's fiction novel about romance and marriage and family. I loved her brother Charlie who found his own way on becoming the man of the house and starting a family.  Lauren's mother also had a relationship with her own boyfriend. I didn't like it, when they split up to see other people; but I loved it, how they worked on getting back together with a fresh start. They didn't even get divorced. I also adored the dog too.

If you love heart-rendering woman's fiction novel, check this out today!

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