Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Golden Crystal

Get ready for a wild ride across the globe. In Nick Thacker's The Golden Crystal, this story is about three forces who want the same thing: to find this rare special crystal with special powers. A race against time in Egypt, when friends became foes, rivals split up with some deadly consequences, before this crystal disintegrated into dust. Each one wanted them for something special, when there was a big Atlantean connection towards the end. It's nothing more than revenge all in the end. Every step of the way, there's plenty of surprises and action in this fast-paced action-adventure novel.

I loved the fast-paced intense action sequences in this action-adventure. I loved how it would take you across the globe from one place to another. The golden crystal angle was quite interesting and intriguing angle with the Atlantis connection. I loved every single character, except for the bad Russians. I hated to see the professor being killed off. Breathless with non-stop action, this would keep you guessing to the end!

Ready to join a race across time! Download a copy today!

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