Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Scream Away

If you're ready to have another shocking romantic suspense, Kate Brady's Sheridan series is the one of you. In One Scream Away, Beth Denison was a single mother with a devastating family secret. She was also an antique doll collector as well in Virginia. When former FBI Agent Neil Sheridan came knocking on her door, all bets were off between them. He was on the hunt for a serial killer, the same one that destroyed his life, a decade ago. Now this mad serial killer was on the loose, wrecking havoc. Between Beth and Neil, they shared a couple of things in common. But the chemistry between them was heated and at the boiling point. It was up to Neil to get Beth to open up about the past, when he sworn to protect her and her daughter, before it's way too late.

This was an awesome romantic suspense. At first glance, you begin to care for Beth and her daughter. I became worried about her. I loved the chemistry between Beth and Neil, on how he protected them from harm. When she revealed the truth of her past, it shocked me to the core. Now I knew why she did the things she had to do with her own secrets. This one left me feeling hot and cold and warm all over.

Ready to embrace a new romantic suspense? Check this out today!

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