Monday, June 16, 2014

Love Only Once

In one of the timeless and most charming historical romances of all time, Johanna Lindsey wove us an intricate love story about two people who found each other in Love Only Once. This was the first book of the Malory-Anderson Family series. Nicholas Eden was a reformed bachelor who kept his own emotional baggage of his own with family secrets. When he met the niece of the Malory brothers, Regina Ashton, he fell head over heels for her. They met by a chance encounter by mistake, which caused a scandal in return. Later on, they made love and prevented her reputation from being the subject of ruination. That sparked a love-hate relationship between them, even when they were continents apart, and try to find each other with love and consolation. This is a priceless charming historical romance.

I enjoyed getting to know Nicholas and Regina in this story. Two different people with their own needs. I loved how Regina's family all banded together to protect her from harm. They each have their own quirks and loved her in his own way. Her Uncle Jason as a pirate was an amusing twist with his own son Jeremy on board. Although they were at odds with one another,  I was immediately sucked into Regina's world, when she first met Nicholas. His family was a whole another story with surprising hidden family secrets. I cried a few times in this love story.

Get ready to be swept away? Check out this book today!

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