Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Secrets of Rosa Lee

What brought six people together? In Jodi Thomas's The Secrets of Rosa Lee, it was one house that's up for demolition with a vote on a special committee. In Clifton Creek, Texas, that's what Professor Sidney Dickerson was chairman of for a week. When six people come together, they all look for the secrets of Rosa Lee Altman and the history of the legacy she left behind in her house. While they look around her home, bad things have happened to six good people--threats, fights, warnings and plenty of trouble in one Texas winter. But for three people, in this journey, they brought friendship and find love along the way. Each one of them have emotional baggage they left behind in the past. For one week, they've gotten to know each other better and became a special friendly. And for Sidney Dickerson, she discovered the shocking secret of them all. What a lovely contemporary romance.

This was a moving and heart-warming story with a light ghost story. I enjoyed Lara and Sidney, Billy, and the others in their little circle that did everything to save the house and to discover the secrets of Rosa. The Texas backdrop made for a good pictured depiction for this charming romance. I didn't like the oil company that harmed them, especially at Lara. Friendship and love went beyond this story, that made me laugh and cry and gasp in the end.

Go out and pick up a copy today!

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