Saturday, November 28, 2015


In Linda Fairstein's Entombed, the 7th installment in the Alexandra Cooper legal thriller series, she told us a chilling thriller that raised a notch up in the chill factor. For Alexandra Cooper, she had a lot on her hands. First she tackled the return of a serial rapist who returned after a hiatus. Meanwhile, she investigated the murders of Emily Upshaw and the shocking entombment of a corpse, 20 years ago. While she worked on both cases, her friend Michael Chapman learned about the devastating loss on his girlfriend from a freak ski accident. With a lot of twists and turns, it all odds up to the Raven Society and the connection to Edgar Allen Poe and who was behind what happened to everyone who tried to stop them in the end.

This was a shocking and twist cold legal thriller. I cared about Alex and Mike Chapman a lot. I didn't like the people involved with the Raven Society or the Maswanas for sure. They gave me the cold creeps. I loved the central New York City locations for the settings of this cold wintry legal thriller. I do liked the Edgar Allen Poe connection to the entombed body of the corpse and throughout the interwoven storyline. This would make you feel chilled to your core with tons of action, drama, suspense and intrigue.

Will you be intrigued to read Entombed today?

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