Monday, April 28, 2014

The Nostradamus File

Hold onto your hats! If you loved Clive Cussler's action-adventure novels, you'll really love Alex Lukeman's The Project series. In the 6th book of the Project series, the Project was a top secret elite group that headquartered in Washington D.C. From Virginia to Europe and to the Middle Secret, Nick and his gang took off to parts unknown, when they landed a top secret manuscript from Nostradamus himself, who predicted the future in his time. And it all lead to the hidden Ark and a clandestine niche group who was on their time. Top-notch fast-paced page-turning action with non-stop drama from Selena's feelings on Nick to Nick's own demons from the war he fought on in The Nostradamus File. This series you'll be addicted to... from the first page to the end.

I really enjoyed reading a book from the series. I loved Nick and Selena, who both endured injuries on the ground. The location setting from USA and around the world was stellar. Every single member of their clan was interesting and amusing. It's hard to pick one bad guy out of so many in the book. This would leave you breathless and begging for me to read in a week!

Ready to take a trip? Give this one a go!

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