Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Body Count

If you love compelling psychological thrillers, you love this series by Aussie author PD Martin. She introduced us to Sophie Anderson, a FBI profiler with psychic visions who lost her brother when she was younger.  In present-day, she took us on a wild ride, when Sophie and her FBI task force were on their toughest case yet. They tracked down a serial killer and profiling him was hard as it gets. Right under their noses, one of their own became one of his victims and there was a race against time to find her before it became too late. With Sophie's visions and new insight into his profile helped them to track down his previous crimes across the country. Later on, they got a shock to the system and he was after Sophie. And she couldn't believe who it was and why, when it was a fight for survival at the end in Body Count.

This was an intense psychological thriller. I loved the solid backdrop of Australia for the scenery. I did get to care about Sophie, a strong character that was dealt with a lot of baggage from her childhood. The psychic vision twist made her even stronger and unique as well. This gripped me on the first page and pulled me into her world. I did feel bad for Samantha, her friend, who ended up caught in the middle and dead. I didn't like the ME.

Ready for a sucker-punch to the gut? Give this one a try today!

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