Saturday, April 19, 2014

Perfect Hatred

In the late Leighton Gage's Mario Silva series, he wrote some of the finest work before he died last summer. Before the final book came out this year, Perfect Hatred delivered us a powerful mystery with a suckerpunch or two. It all started with a bombing and an assassination, from there it escalated from there with Mario's most complicated mystery yet. From Brazil to Paraguay to Argentina, this mystery went cross-country and all over the continent in the search of a killer and a terrorist, while dealing with dirty politics. But little did Mario knew, someone was gunning after him with a perfect hatred of honey-dipped vengeance, until one of their own was killed in the line of duty. This one delivered an excellent mystery.

This was an explosive and red-hot mystery. I continued to love the South American backdrop from Brazil to Argentina. Vivid imagery depicted the scenery very real on the settings. It placed you right into the picture.  I continued to like Mario Silva, his nephew Hector, and his police team. I didn't like it, when they lost one of their own in the end. Nor did I like the evil guys who wanted to do them in. The political slate was deep and rich for the storyline. Non-stop action with plenty of drama will keep you reading all day and night long.

Ready to stop pure evil? Snatch a copy today!

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