Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wall-to-Wall Dead

In the 6th installment of Jennie Bentley's DIY series, she introduced us to a new kind of murder. When Avery and her fiancé Derek started to renovate a condo before it was up to sell, they met the neighbors and got to know them better. When nosy busybody Hilda Show pried into their lives, Avery's new neighbors didn't like her. When she turned up dead, she learned about what everyone's secrets were in a secret file. Talk about your Pandora's Box imploding, when their dirty laundry was hung up to dry for exposure. It was now up to Avery and Derek to find out who's up to no good, while they were in the midst of planning their wedding. And when another neighbor wound up ill and later died, it's up to find out what their true motives and intentions were. The closer they got to the truth, the more lives were in danger in a shocking climax in Wall to Wall Dead.

I continue to love this series with DIY tips for you to do at home. I also love the beautiful Maine settings with the renovations. I love Avery and Derek as a couple, when they prepare to get married. Hilda left me a bad taste in my mouth for her snooping. But some of the other neighbors they had left me cold and numb all over. I do love their friends and family for them to get married.  Each book in the cozy series had its own special qualities to make it a charming gem.

Why not check out a copy today!

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