Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gun Games

In the 20th installment of the Lazarus/Decker series, Faye Kellerman tackled a difficult subject matter we all faced in this day and age. While Peter Decker was still continuing to hunt for Garth Hammerling, a fugitive serial killer on the run, his next case was his toughest yet. This dealt with bullying and teen suicide at a prestigious high school. It started with one case that escalated to another, while his team tried to find out a connection between the two. And Gabriel Whitman found his first true love and became a center focus point in this story, when it becomes nothing more than personal for the Deckers. This was a well-done well-written mystery about teen life to the extreme with an explosive ending in Gun Games.

For this  mystery, this dealt with strong powerful emotions about teen suicide and bullying. They did go hand and hand. I did feel sorry for Gabe and for Yasmin, since they were two different teens from two different cultures. I also cared about Peter Decker and Rena Lazarus as well, when they were caught up into this ordeal. I loved how Peter continued his search for Garth, when it now seemed to be never-ending in the series.  This made me sad and cry in some scenes, since it tackled with hard-core subject matters. I loved the California backdrop as well and how it explored Gabe's love for music as a genius on the piano. Strong powerful writing, tons of dramatic suspense and a disturbing mystery.

Ready to end the gun games? Check this out today!

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