Monday, April 14, 2014

The Doctor Digs a Grave

In the Doctor Digs a Grave by Robin Hathaway, the first book in the Dr. Fenimore Mystery series, this traditional mystery had a helluva twist. We're introduced to Dr. Andrew Fenimore, a doctor and sometimes PI, when he wasn't with patients. It all started with Fenimore and Horatio, a young boy who wanted to bury his cat. But what they discovered on ancient Native American Indian burial ground, a body of a barely dead young woman. From there, they investigated the murder and found out all about her, including her medical history and her relations with her fiance's family. There was plenty shocking twisty turns in this mystery, as Fenimore got closer to the truth and his life dangled on the line. As he narrowed the field to a culprit, he didn't see it coming, before it was too late. Right under his nose, he uncovered how the murder was done and who did it and why. A lovely mystery set in Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey.

This was an intense and insane traditional mystery. I loved the concept of having a male doctor become the lead character in this story. We do care about Fenimore and see things from his point of view. I liked how he took Horatio under his wings and in care. I liked how he worked with everyone in his employ. The tri-state area and the Lenape American Indian Reservation were quite peculiar locations for this story. I did feel bad for the deceased American Indian Woman. It was too quite and pretty bitter. I didn't like how some people mistreated her. Great dramatic suspense with a compelling storyline.

Don't go under? Grab a shovel and try this book today!

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