Saturday, April 12, 2014

Urgent Care

If you've followed the Angels of Mercy series before with Lifelines and Warning Signs, you'll enjoy the heart-stopping third installation. We followed the lives and loves of Gina, Amanda, Nora and Lydia, and their patients. And this time, things took a heated turn, when a fellow nurse was found battered and left for dead. From there, everyone was a suspect who worked around the crime scene and leaked it to the press. Everyone dealt with a dilemma of their own, while it was personal or professional, when they dealt with their most complicated and complex cases in their careers. Later on, they found out, they've gotten two major problems who made a target in the hospital, when looks could be deceiving. Urgent Care dealt with the matters of the heart and lives on their own with action-packed medical thriller suspense.

This was a fantastic medical thriller with heart-pounding suspense in every page. I loved how this focused on Nora and Seth, when it became her story to focus on. I loved the Philadelphia backdrop for the series, especially when it's outside and inside the hospital premises. This one sent me shivers up and down my spine to leave me cold all over. When you read this series, it  makes you feel like you're watching from the observatory when the operate on people. Great drama, nice suspense, and plenty of action and romance to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Don't misread the warning signs! Check this out today!

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