Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Duchess War

In the Duchess War, the first book in the Brothers Sinister series, Courtney Milan introduced us to a love affair of no other between two people who were meant to be. Wilhemina Pursling was no like other woman. She carried a deep secret and her real name close to her heart. She lived a hard life of scandal and shame, and excelled in her true love for chess. Robert Blaisdell, the Duke of Clermont, had his own secret to keep. They've made a betting war like no other. He would seduce her and get someone to marry her, or she would unmask the secret, before he could claim her of his own. With such hardships from his own mother and someone who wanted to ruined her, she placed her life in his hands with a proposal of his own.  Between the two of them, the chemistry was explosive, when they exposed each other's secrets and followed their hearts to love.

I loved this historical romance and would read others in the series in the near future. For both Minnie and Robert, they both have kept secrets from their past. You can't deny the sparks between them. The backstory of her playing chess intrigued me a bit further to keep on reading.  This was more than a war of words, but more of uncontrollable passion. I didn't care for much for Robert's mother and the crowding people who wanted to do her harm with her fears. I despised Walter and George who wanted to expose her to the public. Hooked on the first page, I couldn't stop reading this on my Kindle. You'll be intrigued in this love match, too.

Check out this moving historical romance right now!

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