Sunday, May 4, 2014

Motion to Suppress

Meet Nina Reilly. She lost her job, her husband, and was new to Lake Tahoe to start her own private law practice. She had no experience in criminal law. In Perri O'Shaughnessy's legal thriller debut, Motion to Suppress, the first book in the Nina Reilly series, she took on Michelle Patterson as her first client; she was also in for a fight for her life. As a single mother to her son, she received a lot of harrassment and grief, since she was new to town. First, she helped her client get a divorce. And when he turned up dead, Michelle's the prime suspect. To make matters worse and a bit messy, she had amnesia and had hidden secrets from her past childhood. Everyone gave Nina a hard time, when she wanted to do her best for Michelle, which included a fatal near miss in a car accident. As Nina tried to run around the suspects and figured out the case herself, her first criminal case might not be her last, with a shocking and twisted ending you didn't see coming.

This was a powerful legal thriller debut. For starters, I loved the South Lake Tahoe connection for the locale. I also cared about Nina, her son, and how she started the scratch when she moved. But I hated it, when people gave her a hard time. I did feel bad about Michelle and her pregnancy. I hated the sleazy psychologist who took advantage of her. We do get to see Nina in action at home and in the court room. This send me shivers down my spine, leaving me drenched in a cold sweat. Tons of drama and powerful non-stop action to keep you reading for more.

Check this out today!

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