Thursday, May 8, 2014

American Assassin

If you're a big fan of the Mitch Rapp series, this prequel of how he'd gotten started is the one for you to fill in that gap. In American Assassin, from start to finish, Vince Flynn told us how Rapp  had gotten started with the CIA from recruitment and training to his first mission from Europe to the Middle East, right after the Pan Am Locherbie explosion. We do get to know him more and the people who helped shape him to the agent he became to be. This is an enthralling thriller of his start to make us feel for Mitch Rapp and root for this underdog throughout the rest of the series and forever.

This was an excellent prequel to see how Mitch Rapp got started with the CIA to kick off the series. I loved the insight look in Mitch's personal and professional life on how he got his butt kicked in training. I loved the location of Quantico and to Europe. The Pan Am Locherbie explosion touched on was done delicately well. There was nothing to hate in this one. Fantastic action, terrific suspense, and excellent pace for this terrific read.

Ready to meet Mitch Rapp? Give this book a good read now!

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