Saturday, May 24, 2014


In Postmortem, Patricia Cornwell introduced us to Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a medical examiner for Richmond. Other than a guardian to her genius niece, she was on the scene on a most complex crime scene and became on the path of a killer. Between a break-in and a leak, she was under pressure by her boss. Her love life wasn't so spectacular, either. While she tried to balance it out, she learned more and new insight into the brilliant forensic science and scoping out his DNA evidence. The closer the truth she'd had gotten to luring him out in the open, the more she placed her life and her niece into danger. This is a wonderful debut to the series.

I loved Kay Scarpetta and her niece too. I felt bad that her mother wasn't a good mother figure for her. At least, we know Kay was a caring person. I loved the backdrop of Richmond, Virginia, and the surroundings to make it more surreal. I loved the concept of having a ME for a female lead. I did feel bad for Kay for having trouble with the opposite sex.  Forensic science had always been an interesting features in crime novels and TV series, along with movies, for a long time. Plenty of non-stop action and drama with fantastic intrigue to keep you up all night.

Ready for a good read? Give this one a try!

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