Thursday, May 15, 2014

Primitive Secrets

In Deborah Atkinson's Primitive Secrets, it was a different kind of traditional mystery. Based in the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii, you learn all about the Hawaiian culture and customs in a most compelling setting For Storm Kayama, coming home gave her a new meaning, when her Uncle Miles mysteriously died. After the funeral, she'd gotten embroiled in a mystery, dealing with family secrets and misdeeds in her uncle's law firm. With multiple attempts on her life, she'd gotten closer to the truth, when friends and family dear to her heart became potential targets. This was a beautiful Hawaiian mystery to warm your hearts and say aloha.

This was an interesting new mystery to read. I loved the Hawaiian location and learning about how people lived on the island. I thought Storm was an interesting character as well. I did feel bad about her uncle's death and the aftermath that happened from it. I thought she had good chemistry with Ian as well. Some of the people at the farm and her family I couldn't stand, like one of her cousins. Great drama mixed in with intrigue for a good read to send you to places.

Ready to head to Hawaii? Give this book a look today!

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