Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Emperor's Edge

Imagine a whole new fantasy world when you're dealing with steam engines. In Lindsay Buroker's steampunk debut, the Emperor's Edge, it was a whole new world out there. Amaranthe Lokdon was a former enforcer for the emperor's empire and looking for a promotion. When someone sent her on a suicide mission to entrap an assassin, she's in the ride of her life, while someone wants to do the emperor in on his birthday. Little did they know, she encountered many traitorous friends and in an obstacle course for survival, when people she trusted died in her hands, just to clear her name. It was up to her and an unlikely group of friends to pull it off and save the emperor, while there was evil forces who  gunned after them. There was a shocking twist for the climax in the end. This novel will take you an an adventure of its own.

Since I  never read steampunk fantasy before, this was a fantastic book.  Those characters were lively and amusing with their own quirks. They became enjoyable as well.  Amaranthe was the underdog and the champion in this story along with her new friends. I didn't like how her former partner betrayed her and thrown her under the proverbial bus either.  The imaginary world worked as well to portray the future.

Get ready to see the future with a copy today!

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