Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simmer Down

In the second installment in the Gourmet Girl Mystery cozy series, Simmer Down, Chloe Carter had a lot on her hands. While Chloe worked hard with her internship with Naomi, her boyfriend Josh was getting ready for his opening night at Simmer, his brand new restaurant, on New Year's Eve. Besides her own family drama and both her ex and Josh's returned to the fold, her best friend Adrianna had her own crisis on her hands with her boyfriend Owen. On top of things, there were a lot of drama, when someone from the Lunar Moon Group was found dead. It was up to Chloe to find out who've done it before it's too late. This was a fiery read with delicious yummy recipes.

This was another great addition to the Gourmet Girl Mystery cozy series, too. I continued to love the concept and the California backdrop with the restaurants. I like Chloe and Josh as a couple. I think they were real cute. I also did feel so bad for Adrianna and Owen, when they were going through some hard times. I didn't care for much for Chloe's annoying sister Heather or their exes as well. But I enjoyed the storyline and the scrumptious recipes to boot. This would be a delightful quick read to warm you up on a cold day.

Ready to blow some steam? Grab a copy today!

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