Monday, May 19, 2014

Emerald Queen

In Karen Jones Delk's Emerald Queen, she told us a beautiful tale that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 18th century. This is Simone Deveraux's love story. As a little girl, Simone wanted to learn to fence and become one of the boys. She also fell in love with Alain de Valliere, an expert in fencing. When her father died at age thirteen, Alain became her ward. Within time, Simone discussed herself as a young boy and hide out from a mad man who brought danger and heartache to her family and to her own life. Simone's been through a lot over the ages from love and death, motherhood and widowhood and finding new love once again. During the time of the steamship, she protected her heart from the evil out there and endured so much heartache from childhood to adulthood. Intricately woven and beautifully told, this is going to be a classic historical romance for all time with many twists and turns to the heartfelt ending.

This historical romance made me laugh and cry through the story. It pulled my heart strings real taut and tight, because it was beautifully written. We can see how much Simone went through to be with Alain and how she transformed herself, many times over. I loved how she befriended Lisette. There were a few people I hated like Marcel, who was a creep. The sword-fighting scenes were intense and had sharpened Simone's wits to fight for her father's honor in the end. This Vieux Carre romance was magnificent and real to the heart.

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