Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hot Button

In the second installment of the Button Box cozy series by Kylie Logan, Hot Button, Josie Giancola was back with her most complex mystery yet. When  she was the head chairman of an international vintage button convention in Chicago, things turned awry and complicated for her. With her at the helm, and her ex, Kaz, by her side, she investigated the mystery behind the elusive Geronimo button that's worth millions. And the head speaker, Thad Wyant, turned up dead, that week. That's when Josie's new love interest, Nevin Riley, was on the scene. Besides that, there was a lot of drama inside the convention that flipped her world around, while someone  tried to discredit her and give her a bad name. One by one, she learned a big shocking twist, when the real culprit wasn't what she suspected and got caught in the act. What a charming cozy.

I loved the setting of having the button convention on a cruise ship. There were always danger and deception on the high seals. I loved Josie working together with Kaz, though he could be annoying. But I loved her paired up with Nevin Riley as well. I didn't care for Brad and Thad Wyant. It was interesting to know some historical and quizzical facts about button collecting and its value in commodity.

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