Monday, May 12, 2014

Gluten for Punishment

If you love fresh new culinary cozies, you're in for a real treat with Nancy Parra's Gluten for Punishment. Welcome to Oiltop, Kansas--a small booming town when oil and wheat were the main economies for that town. For new baker and store owner, Marie "Toni" Holmes, she wanted to start her gluten-free bakery business off with a hitch. Unfortunately, due to protestors and other incidents, things didn't go as planned. When someone died in front of her bakery, she's the town's prime suspect and developed bad business. While she's apart of a big family and close to her best friend Tasha, she's the center of the attention of her love triangle between her lawyer Brad and a cowboy widower named Sam. Between sorting her love life and solving a murder or two, things get tense and hectic to stir up more maddening mayhem for her as she tried to clear her name. There's a shocking twist in the end with GF recipes for you to make at home.

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